“More to Being Union,” our new song about legendary folksinger Harry Stamper!

Harry Stamper (1944-2012) was a legendary folksinger, longshoreman, and activist.  His song, “We Just Come To Work Here (We Don’t Come To Die),” became the anthem of the occupational health and safety movement, and it continues to be sung all over the world.  Harry was also a warm and generous guy who supported the Low Tide Drifters and significantly influenced our songwriting.  We felt we owed him a song.  Harry, this one’s for you!

Low Tide Drifters & Wild Hog in the Woods House Concert Extravaganza!

LTD WHW house concert 2014


Who: Low Tide Drifters and Wild Hog in the Woods

What: Private Party & Folk Music Extravaganza

When: Friday, September 26, 2014. 7:00pm

Where: Eugene, Oregon. Contact for reservations and address. Phone: (541) 221-2233 or email rachael.anne.young@gmail.com

Cost: $5-10 sliding scale donations


On Friday, September 26, Low Tide Drifters and Wild Hog in the Woods, two regional roots music favorites, will present an evening of folk and old-time music in a relaxed, all-ages atmosphere. With unique props, musical chops, and dapper headwear, this will be a night to remember! Light snacks provided. Feel free to bring your favorite beverage of choice.

About the bands:

Low Tide Drifters

With a host of traditional instruments, sing-along choruses, and carefully crafted lyrics, the Low Tide Drifters create original roots-based songs that reflect the struggles and stories of everyday people in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Influenced by Woody Guthrie, Utah Phillips, Billy Bragg, Hazel Dickens, and other socially conscious songwriters of all musical genres, they bring a respect for the past and a concern for the future to their particular brand of “underdog folk music.”

On the web:



Wild Hog in the Woods

String band music from a bygone era-and beyond- played the way it always should have been! These guys have been playing together for well over fifteen years, having fun every minute of the way. They play new and used: old-time classics, old-school country, hot sleaze-jazz, and tin-pan alley gems. You will hear a plethora of original songs and tunes that speak to all of us about more than we could ever imagine. Wild Hog in the Woods continues to entertain folks weekly at festivals, folk venues, and anywhere listeners appreciate live acoustic music. Bring your dancin’ shoes and get your smiles in shape. You will need both. Nobody leaves without a smile.

On the web:





Photo by Rachael Young

Photo by Rachael Young

Don’t miss our show at Tsunami Books!!

This Saturday, May 24th at 5 PM!  It’s a cookie potluck, too!  So if you have the time to bake or buy some delicious cookies, we’ll help you eat them!  (donations appreciated, no cover, no one turned away for lack of funds or baked goods)

Low Tide Drifters and Cross Current Raised $242 for Whiteaker Head Start!!

Hello All,

A big thank you to all who came out to our fundraiser to support Whiteaker Head Start on Friday!  We raised $242–enough to fund 5-8 field trips for the school!  whit_school_2

Low Tide Drifters featured on Brain Labor Report!!

We had the huge privilege of being the featured album on the Brain Labor Report today on KSKQ radio out of the Rogue Valley!  Have a listen!

Press Release!



Press release                                                                                                                        


Low Tide Drifters Release New Album:

Music for the Rest of Us

Eugene, OR — Eugene’s own left-edge folk sensation, Low Tide Drifters, have released their second full-length album, titled “Music for the Rest of Us.”  The band has been working for over a year in mixed spaces to create the textured, multifaceted sound that has come to life in this 10-track disc.  Songs on this sophomore release span a wide range of topics and influences and expand the concept of the “folk” genre.  Many of the album’s songs have a surprisingly “hard” edge for an acoustically-equipped folk band—the songs “Living on Too Little,”  “Real Victories,” and “Already Home” hit at the root of larger social issues and aren’t afraid to use a little drum or display punk-rock roots to get the point across.  Drifters bring it on home to Oregon with some depression-era original story songs in the tracks, “My Vivian” and “Bound for Lakeview.”  For a sweet touch, Low Tide Drifters have not forgotten how popular they are with the younger set and have included “Eden’s Lullaby” and “Will We Say We Did Our Best?”—a parent’s cry to environmental action and awareness.  The album is rounded out with some well-chosen cover tracks by Oregon’s late, great singing longshoreman, Harry Stamper, Jr., author of the classic “We Just Come To Work Here (We Don’t Come To Die)” and Scottish folk legend, Alistair Hulett (Drifters cover his “Destitution Road”).

“Music for the Rest of Us” was recorded, in part, at Sprout City Studios in Eugene, as well as in bedrooms, closets and other odd spaces.  The whole thing was mixed up by Cousin Thaddeus at Sprout City, then sent off to Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering in New Jersey for the final touches.  The discs were produced at Oregon’s own Atomic Disc in Salem.  Cover Art by Holly Hall Stamper.

Low Tide Drifters will be hosting a CD Release Party at Wandering Goat Coffee Company, 268 Madison Avenue in Eugene on Saturday, March 22nd at 7 PM.

Low Tide Drifters will also be performing at Tsunami Books, 2585 Willamette, Eugene, on Saturday, May 24th at 5 PM.  20% off all books and records during the show!

For information contact Kate Downing at 541-517-7232 or lowtidedrifters@gmail.com.

Low Tide Drifters are:

Chico Schwall: Fiddle, Mandolin, Whatever we place in his hands;

Dennis Soper: Harmonica(s);

Kate Dowing: Banjo, Lead Vocals;

Nathan Moore: Guitar, Lead Vocals;

Rachael Young: Bass;

Wendy Schwall: Percussion and Accordion

Alison Kinney:  Guest Vocals on “Will We Say We Did Our Best?”

Hotel Discount for Drifters Show!!

Hey All,

We are playing a couple of fun shows at the Adrift Hotel in Long Beach, WA in May.  The Adrift is a unique, interesting hotel with a focus on sustainability and really cool looking rooms.  Check it out!  www.adrifthotel.com.


HERE’S THE BEST PART!  Drifters friends get a discount!  Just enter LIVE14 as a promo code when you book your stay.  The discount is 20% off weekend stays.  We are playing Saturday, May 31, 2014 @ 9:00 PM and Sunday, June 1st @ 9:00 PM.  Come enjoy the show(s)!IMG_2142

“Music for the Rest of Us” headed to the printers!

We are super excited to announce that “Music for the Rest of Us” is being uploaded to the Atomic Disc website at this very moment!  We are also happy to say that Atomic Disc is a local company working out of Salem.  Check ‘em out!  Cover art by Holly Hall Stamper.1026211_10152195408594589_518438066_o

“Music for the Rest of Us” is almost here!

Well, we’ve finished recording, mixing, and mastering Music for the Rest of Us, our second full-length album.  We’re very proud of it, and we think that you’re going to enjoy it too.  It features eight original compositions along with cover versions of songs by folksinger and longshoreman Harry Stamper and Scottish songwriter Alistair Hulett.  We’d like to thank Thaddeus Moore at Sprout City Studios for lending his recording and the mixing skills to the album, and we’d like to thank Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering for doing an awesome job mastering the tracks.  We’ll have more details about the album’s release soon, but until then, here’s “Real Victories,” a “teaser track” from Music for the Rest of Us.


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