What Folks Are Saying:

“Very rural leaning, tuneful, and savvy-lyrical, like writer John Dos Passos transformed into Depression era honky tonk.”–David Ensminger, PopMatters

“…the Low Tide Drifters are at home in the Eugene music scene. Their soul-filled ballads chronicle the “experiences and struggles of everyday working people…the Low Tide Drifters have crafted an old-time simple sound with universal appeal.”~John Locanthi, Eugene Weekly

“Putting an old-timey twist on originals is what the Low Tide Drifters do best. With a tasty blend of home-grown Oregon music, the Drifters put their whole hearts into what they do.” ~Karen Olch, Acoustic Junction, KRVM-FM, Eugene, Oregon

“Rough and tumble with a whole lotta heart, to me the Low Tide Drifters are Oregon.  What stands out about this group is their song writing; they’ve an uncanny ability to seamlessly fuse traditional sounds with their compelling, contemporary poetry.  Between Kate Downing’s unapologetic rambler-girl vocals and the intricate lines of the backing musicians, the Drifters create a sound that is as independent as any Lakeview cowboy, as moody blue as any Astoria beach and as familiar as a Coast Range homestead on a warm July night.”  ~Melissa Ruth, Singer-songwriter and recording artist

Recent Articles/Reviews:

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